Whoopi Goldberg — SUPER QUOTE

Monday, April 14, 2008  by Wow Jones

Today, I came across the new April 14, 2008 edition of JET magazine with Whoopi Goldberg on the cover.

Whatever you have to say about her talent, much respect must be given to someone who’s managed to maintain a considerable career in show-biz for over 20 years!

The article (“The View According To Whoopi” by Clarence Waldron) also features a couple of zinger quotes.  Courtesy of Mr. Analogy/Similie.

When talking about how Barack Hussein Obama’s speech on race changed her perspective on him Whoopi Goldberg says,

“I said, ‘Ok dude, that was the first thing that had some substance for me.’  It’s all great that we need a change.  After eight years of (Bush) in power, it’s like a baby with a funky diaper, you got to change the diaper.” — Whoopi Goldberg on Barack Hussein Obama

On her own line of line, duvet covers and pillows (G Beds–Bedding by Whoopi Goldberg),  she gets into salesmanship mode,

“For me, my bed is the first and last word of my day,”  She explains. “My bed is as versatile as my clothing, it’s like my favorite pair of jeans, a glimpse into the inner me.  When people see it, they see it as an extension of me.”

Spoken like someone experienced with dealing with media.  You could spend hours breaking down those quotes.

–The Wow Jones Report




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