Colgate Country Showdown — (re: Nash Street, Carrie Joy)

Monday, April 14, 2008 — by Wow Jones



Caught a bit of the Colgate Country Showdown on ABC-TV in NYC. 

I only saw singer Carrie Joy perform.  What a talent!  She sure can sing.




Anyone out there see this show?  New Band Nash Street won.  


I didn’t see them perform, so I don’t have anything to say about them.  In fact, I didn’t see any other contestant perform, so…

-The Wow Jones Report


2 Responses to “Colgate Country Showdown — (re: Nash Street, Carrie Joy)”

  1. Was at the Ryman when Nash St. won…Carrie Joy was robbed! No kidding. She was outstanding. All I can figure is they’ve had several women win the last few years win and wanted some other type of talent to win. Don’t get me wrong, Nash Street is good, but they’re not in the same league as Carrie Joy. She is also being featured on—an online singing competition. Carrie Joy is under “country” and “best of the best”. She has a few video’s you can watch and then rate from 1-10. Check her out and spread the word!

  2. Nash Street is the best hands down!!! New Talent, market ability the whole 9 yards!!! Widowmaker, Carry On, you just can’t beat that for new talent!!!

    Way to go NASH STREET

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