Controversial Critic Armond White Releases NEW ‘Keep Moving’ Book On MICHAEL JACKSON


NYPress Film Critic ARMOND WHITE has released a new book.  It’s entitled “Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles“.    Here’s what the Resistance Works WDC blog (publishing entity publishing the book) has to say about the book.

“In this collection, controversial critic Armond White chronicles the career of Michael Jackson. Written throughout his quarter-century as a critic, these essays focus on the work Michael Jackson produced AFTER the record-breaking commercial success of the Thriller album. He examines the impact of Michael Jackson as a cultural phenomenon, aesthetic/music force and dance icon/show-biz influence. Armond White uncovers the deep meaning in Michael Jackson’s art—especially the songs and music videos from the Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, and Blood On The Dance Floor albums.”

The book’s size is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches.   It’s 117 pages long.

You know what to do if you’d like more information on the new book by Armond White.

–The Wow Jones Report


3 Responses to “Controversial Critic Armond White Releases NEW ‘Keep Moving’ Book On MICHAEL JACKSON”

  1. Rainer Werner Says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if its possible for me to purchase Armond White’s book on MJ with a credit card?

    • Thanks for writing Rainer Werner. The official blog for the KEEP MOVING: The Michael Jackson Chronicies book is located at:

      Get in touch with the folks there. According to the blog, they accept checks and money orders for orders in the United States.

      -Wow Jones

      • Rainer Werner Says:

        Oh cool. So this site is just a labor of love? Glad to see Armond getting some of the props he so deserves–so many haters out there.

        You might enjoy a film discussion listserv I help manage. Shoot me an email at and I’ll forward you the info. We recently had a passionate thread about Armond’s writing that might interest you.

        Thx again.

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