Randi Rhodes on Elliot Spitzer (SUPER QUOTE)

Monday, April 7th, 2008  — By Wow Jones

Talk Radio Host Randi Rhodes.

Talk Radio Host Randi Rhodes.

What is this country coming too?  Randi Rhodes, air personality on Air

America, was suspended by her radio employers for something she said OFF-AIR?!?!?!?!   Sheeesh…

Apparently, she made a few comments that people objected to during an off-the-air standup comedy routine.  I guess liberals aren’t all that liberal, huh?

In any event, during her routine she made fun of Elliot Spitzer when she said that for $4,000 an hour, the girl you rent should be so incredibly gorgeous and accomplished that

“she comes with her own sunset…instead, what does he get?  An aspiring singer…”–Randi Rhodes on Elliot Spitzer’s ho


–The Wow Jones Report

P.S.  This is a re-posting of a post that was initially a page.


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