Actress Vivica A. Fox Talks About How To Achieve Longevity in Hollywood/Show-Biz (SUPER QUOTE)

Thursday, September 04, 2008 — by Wow Jones

Actress Vivica A Fox on cover of JET Magazine.

Actress Vivica A Fox on cover of JET Magazine.

Just came across a JET Cover Story (“Vivica A Fox: Actress-Producer-Fashionista Shows Why She Has Longevity in Hollywood” by Margena A. Christian) on actress Vivica A. Fox where she gives

invaluable advice while talking about how she’s able to maintain a career in Hollywood while promoting her new Contest Show on VH1, “Glam God With Vivica A. Fox”.  In the August 18, 2008 issue of JET Magazine,

Vivica A. Fox mentioned that,

“the best way to make sure you keep working is to produce your own projects.”

“you should reap the benefits of what your name brings.  If your name gets a budget, you should get a producing title.  The more you learn about the business that goes on in the show, the longer of a career you’ll have.”

When asked just how she continues to work as a Black actress in Hollywood, she answers by saying,

“Hollywood is tough on those who don’t get out and take the initiative to make things happen.  If you sit on your butt, waiting for your agent to make the phone ring, you’ll be waiting.  You have to network.  You have to produce and find new venues.  I don’t stand in my own way by saying I won’t do reality or stage plays.  We make that lemon into lemonade all the time.  The best way to have longevity is to reinvent yourself.”

The article goes on to list the many appearances on TV, films, etc that this actress will be involved over the course of the next few months.  Good for her!

Vivica A. Fox also talks about plastic surgery, her beauty regimen, her exercise schedule, her diet and her love life.  Check it out when you get a moment.


–The Wow Jones Report


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