Hillary Clinton takes advice from Harriet Tubman (Who Knew?)

Friday, August 29, 2008 — by Wow Jones

Didn’t read much coverage of the devastating invocation by Hillary Clinton of iconic former slave turned

civil rights leader Harriet Tubman in her speech earlier this week at The 2008 Democratic National Convention.  In NYC, I read that NY Daily News journalist David Hinckley made note of the mention–even though he mentioned it in passing.

Hillary Clinton taking advice from Harriet Tubman?   As a bit of political rhetoric, nothing beats that.

Touche, Barack Obama.

By the way, what was it with all the LAME speeches at this past week’s Democratic National Convention?  Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, etc.  Where was the master orator?  Where was his brilliant speaking ability?  I didn’t see it last night.

Oh yeah, as the comment the reader below noted, where WERE all the supposed superstars/celebrities at the Democratic National Convention?  Hiding?  Cameras didn’t want to focus on ya?  I think I saw actor  Matthew Modine in the crowd last night.  But where WAS everyone?


–The Wow Jones Report


One Response to “Hillary Clinton takes advice from Harriet Tubman (Who Knew?)”

  1. Proof Barack Obama is an Elitis,
    He has no Agenda, he answers no hard question,, He got Biden to give him more credibility ,,, Obama Stole the Presidential Seal ,,to call his own, I guess he thought he is Hitler for a second,
    Now as we are speaking Obama is changing the stage,,,at the convention center, to a ROMAN THEME,
    Now Barack Obama THinks he is Julius Caesar or worst He think he is the 2nd Coming of Christ,,,
    The Ego on Barack Obama is getting worst and worst,, and its Barack Obama who wont let this go…
    Soon He going to have someone to try to knight him, Or go for a dictator ship, what is next with Barack Obama,
    He does these things so much to screw up and come back with the same lame excuse.
    When does it end with Barack
    And where are all these big stars at his convention everyone talking about,
    All I heard was alot of Earth wind & Fire old crap,, I thought this convention was for all American not just the Black Community,,

    And Michelle Obama,, On monday was a joke she did not come out looking better at all, She actually Hurt Obama,Everyone thought she was Fake Before now she a Phoney Scripted Fake person,, what a joke, the best nights so far are the clintons, And they All they could by force,, for the Obama’s now it up to them..
    No more blame, It was never up to the clintons anyway to give Obama Her delegates If Obama won, iTs Barack Obama who should be the one getting and uniting the Democratic Party,,, But Captian Pelosi forced to Clinton do it!!!!!!

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