Print AD Campaign For New 2008-2009 Season Of Low-Rated Gossip Girl Illustrates Desperation Of The Show’s Producers And Of The CW Network

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 — by Wow Jones

Gossip Girl Title Card

Gossip Girl Title Card

AD campaign for new 2008-2009 season of low-rated Gossip Girl shows desperation of the show’s




Been monitoring the development of the low-rated Gossip Girl TV show for a few months now.  The show isn’t interesting in and of itself, but I continue to wonder what it is about GOSSIP GIRL that has much of the media championing the show (mention of the show’s stars in newspaper tabloid gossip columns–NY DAILY NEWS Sunday May 11 2008-August 18 08–, the show’s stars on the covers on magazines, profiles on the show in major entertainment magazines–Entertainment Weekly 5-09-08, etc) DESPITE it’s pathetically LOW ratings?  Do the publicists behind the show have THAT much pull?  Yeah, Chace Crawford is pretty, but come on!  Goes to show the lengths the media will go to make a show SEEM important, even when the public consistently shows that it DOES NOT care about GOSSIP GIRL.

That said, president of The Media Research Center, L. Brent Bozell III had a VERY interesting op-ed piece in The NY Post on Saturday, August 9th, 2008 (“The Real Dirty Secret of ‘Gossip Girl’ “).   In it, he writes about the suggestive print ads used to promote the upcoming 2008-2009 season of Gossip Girl.


'Gossip Girl' Ad -- 2008-2008 Season















Gossip Girl Poster/Ad

Gossip Girl Poster/Ad


'Gossip Girl' Poster Ad


While he doesn’t mention that the show’s producers actually started using these suggestive ads early this spring;


'Gossip Girl' Ad for New Episodes -- Spring 2008.


he wonders whether the show’s producers are “really just perpetuating their own kinky stereotypes of teens, instead of reflecting the real attitudes of their target audience…” with these ads.  Great point and good question.  The suggestive images combined with the juxtaposition of dismissive/disclaimer quotes from the media about the show help position the show into the realm of programming that your parents shouldn’t watch–TV crack for youths.  Or is it?  We’ll see if this strategy works for ‘Gossip Girl’.


'Gossip Girl' Building Ad

Gossip Girl Ad

Gossip Girl Ad


Cast of TV show Gossip Girl

Cast of TV show Gossip Girl


Cast of TV Show Gossip Girl

Cast of TV Show Gossip Girl


By the way, does the target audience of GOSSIP GIRL even look at the gossip sections of newspaper tabloids?  Do they even care about shows like “Gossip Girl” or “The Hills”?  I don’t think so, but that’s pure speculation.


–The Wow Jones Report


2 Responses to “Print AD Campaign For New 2008-2009 Season Of Low-Rated Gossip Girl Illustrates Desperation Of The Show’s Producers And Of The CW Network”

  1. I and everyone at work, (various ages ranging from 22-29) enjoy gossip girl, and catch every Monday night show on CW. The show keeps you on your feet ! The actors and actress are also great in this show!… I am glad they have gossip girl!

    Also not everyone has the same taste. Why write about something you do not like and waste you time and effort? Write about something you do like, rather then something you do not. Being negative isn’t great!. You do not like, big deal.

  2. Wow! Pardon? An theory ! What a conception ! Beautiful .. Amazing

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