New Power 105.1 Afternoon Radio Host Malikha Mallette Demonstrates That She’s A Triple Threat

Power 105.1 Radio DJ Malikha Mallette demonstrates that she’s a triple threat.   — August 27, 2008    by Wow Jones



Radio Host Malikha Mallette

Radio Host Malikha Mallette





Reporter David Hinckley makes an interesting point in the NY Daily



News when writing about recently promoted Power 105.1 FM Radio Host Malikha Mallette (105.1’s Mallette a media Power-house” NY Daily News Tuesday, August 26, 2008).  He mentions that many “urban” afternoon drive radio hosts also are represented in two or three other media as well.  Guess I was wrong to assume that MOST media personalities have “side gigs” to supplement their income and expand their reach and influence–by necessity. 



Radio Host Malikha Mallette

Radio Host Malikha Mallette





David Hinckley mentions Wendy Williams (WBLS) author/TV talk show host, Angie Martinez (WQHT) rapper/hair show entrepreneur, and Michael Baisden (WRKS) author/TV talk show host, as examples and then goes on to write about Malikha Mallette’s expansive media resume.  Upon reading it, all I can say is…who knew?




  1.         done voiceovers for McDonald’s, Cover Girl, Pantene and other companies.
  2.         appeared in TV commercials for Wal-Mart, Lactaid and First Response.
  3.         acted in the soap opera “One Life To Live”, and the upcoming film “Cadillac Records”


        Kudos to Malikha Mallette for hustling and staying BUSY.


        –The Wow Jones Report



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