20 Ways To Impress ‘American Idol’ Judges and Win Your ‘American Idol’ Audition?

20 Tips on impressing American Idol Judges and Winning Your American Idol Audition

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In an article in Sunday’s NY Daily News, (8/17/08 — ‘Idol’ auditions that sing: Past contestants & coaches offer 20 tips on scoring a hit with

judges), writer Jo Piazza offers tips from past contestants and coaches on how to impress American Idol judges during your audition.  They are:


1) Get some Z’s — at least eight hours of sleep.  Don’t be a party animal the night before.  Alcohol and excessive smoking will damage your voice.


2) Bring a book or magazine or a pal to help you pass the time.


3) Make sure you bring plenty of makeup for quick touchups. (It IS AUGUST ya know)


4) Have your songs loaded up on your IPOD ahead of time to listen to while you wait.


5) Wear comfortable clothes that make you fool like a million bucks.  But you will be moving around a lot, so make sure your shoes and outfit are wearable for up to 12 hours.


6) Bring cash.  You’ll be in the IZOD Parking lot a looooooooong time.   By 3pm that hot dog vendor is going to know your name.


7) Don’t expect to be hobnobbing with Randy. Paula and Simon.  Low-level producers whittle the first round down, and the big guns don’t show up until round two.


8) Don’t waste time talking to other contestants.  Talking will kill your voice before you get your chance to sing.


9) Have at least six songs in your arsenal.  “Don’t start at the beginning of the song” says celebrity vocal coach David Coury, who trains pop star Leona Lewis.  “Start where the song gets good.  You only have 15 seconds.”


10) Stay away from songs that were popular on the show in previous seasons.  You’re only setting yourself up to fail. “Try to pick a song that the judges likely haven’t heard all day,” says Carrie Underwood.  “Maybe a good song that people might have forgotten about that can help you stand out.”


11)  “Don’t listen to other people sing in line,” warns David Coury.  “The key of their song will get in your head and it will be difficult to concentrate on your own range.”


12) Drink lots of water to keep your voice warm and loose.  David Coury advises to practice with low, soft hums.


13) Know what will calm your nerves, whether it’s a hug from a friend or a breathing exercise, to get rid of your jitters.


14) Don’t be freaky to be freaky.  An out-there contestant may make it onto TV, but unless they can wow the judges with their voice, they won’t be anything more than a punch line.


15) Once you get before the judges, try singing the song in a key higher than it is usually sung.  David Coury says this will impress the panel and show your range’ as well as mixing up an old standard.


16) Treat the judges with respect.  Be completely honest and truthful at all times.  If you make it on the show, you’re going to be fact-checked.


17) Judges love a great story.  If something dramatic has happened to you in the past year or so, tell the panel about it.  People get wrapped up in human triumph and human suffering.  Remember, they want to make good television.


18)  When singing, look directly at the judges and if they look uncomfortable, look over their heads.


19) You can never be too excited, “Keep your energy and enthusiasm up.  Whether you’re crying, screaming or laughing, it sets you apart from the other contestants”, according to season six “Idol” challenger Sabrina Sloan.


20) “Don’t try to be something you’re not” says David Cook, the most recent ‘Idol’ winner.  “Just be yourself.”


Much of this reads like bullshit to me.  However, I’m curious, was ANY of this advice helpful to the tens of thousands of hopefuls who attended yesterday’s American Idol auditions in New Jersey?


The local NYC papers wrote about some of the hopefuls who auditoned yesterday in New Jersey.  Some did or didn’t make the cut.  The hopefuls all angled for a chance to sing in front of Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell (the initial round of auditions are held before producers).


Folks like:


Christopher Bingham, 20 of Wauseon, Ohio


Jyreek Ellerbe, 21 of the Bronx , New York


TeaQue-N Thomas, 27


Ed Love, 21 of Mastic, Long Island, New York


Tony Jackson, 23


Daniel Monge of Yonkers, New York


Amber Valentin, 24 of Waterbury, Connecticut


Matthew Stoghill, 23 of Columbus, Georgia


Cher Izzo, 26 of Massapequa, Long Island, New York


Do you think ANY of this advice was helpful to them?

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–The Wow Jones Report



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