Columnist/Journalist Vinette K. Pryce declares that Fox TV has CROWNED radio personality Wendy Williams (re: The Wendy Williams TV Show)

Monday, August 11, 2008  by Wow Jones


The Wendy Williams Show bus banner 1

The Wendy Williams Show bus banner 1


Came across this article in the INSIDE LIFE column (In the Carribbean Life newspaper) by the beautiful

veteran journalist Vinette K. Pryce.  I haven’t been able to find this column online and there’s a segment in the July 30th, 2008 edition that…

gives a solid description of The Wendy Williams Show (a new TV talk show hosted by radio personality Wendy Williams) it also briefly describes its appeal.  I am going to print it here for your reading pleasure since I can’t find a link online.


The Wendy Williams Bus Banner 2

The Wendy Williams Bus Banner 2




WBLS-FM  radio personality Wendy Williams has received kudos from the self-professed “king of all mediaHoward Stern, actress Vivica Fox, and a slew of celebrities who have been watching her six-week, summer, morning, self-titled, live, talk soup.

Aired from Fox, channel five (in New York City), the saucy, entertainment, potpourri mimics her daily afternoon, chat-fest where news and gossip collide for interaction with listeners willing to opine on a variety of topics.

The TV show provides visual messaging as well  as an opportunity for the outspoken and acclaimed “queen of all media” to flaunt her 5 foot 11 inches frame, her long, blond tress, three inches high stiletto, plunging necklines, diamond rings amplified by that trademarked ‘how you doin’?’ query her fans spontaneously echo.

From the very first airing of the Wendy Williams Show, she explained some of the vernacular a national audience  may not be familiar.  “Put that where? Back there” she attributes to Vivica Fox responding to an unwanted question.  Williams adopted the phrase to dismiss her detractors and regularly denounces controversial items with this telling missive.

She also explained “all-roight!” a follow-up to any of the abovementioned Wendyisms, She admittedly stole “Hot Topics” from another talk show.  “But we do it better than The View” Williams regularly states.  For sure, she is far more revealing, candid and less restrained than the conservative, equal-opportunity TV example to women.

Like her radio advice bonus hour, on TV she delves into an “Ask Wendy” segment where she adds more than a quarter of advice dishing sex tips, relationship insights, health updates, fashion snippets, and no bounds limits.

-Vinette K. Pryce (INSIDE LIFE column)

–The Wow Jones Report


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