Author Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” book disappoints?

Monday, August 11, 2008   — by Wow Jones

Cover of Stephenie Meyer book "Breaking Dawn".

Cover of Stephenie Meyer book

Been fascinated by the vampire empire that author Stephenie Meyer’s popular ‘Twilight Saga’ vampire books have developed.  Specifically the promotion (and the online community) surrounding her books.  I’ve read about how Stephenie Meyer has book readings in malls, high school gyms, and even has concerts tied into…

the selling of her book.  I haven’t read any of them but her new book, “Breaking Dawn” was released last week to phenomenal sales.

I’d love to hear from you.  Ever wonder what it takes to be a star???  Let’s chat…

Author Stephenie Meyer

Author Stephenie Meyer

On a whim, I went to the “Breaking Dawn” page to quickly read what readers of this new book had to say about it.  Apparently, Stephenie Meyer has a LOT of disappointed fans.  Even the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has an article devoted to this development.

I first came across Stephenie Meyer when I read about her I think a little over a year and a half ago.  The article I read talked about the rallies her books have spawned and how she attends them and how she’s something of a rock-star author.

Author Stephenie Meyer signs book.

Author Stephenie Meyer signs book.

Will write more later.  But I am curious, just what is it about the novel that is sooooooooooooooooo disappointing to readers of the popular ‘Twilight Saga’ series?

Author Stephenie Meyer

Author Stephenie Meyer

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138 Responses to “Author Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” book disappoints?”

  1. I read breaking dawn and it royally sucked. I have read fan fictions better than that.

    • It is too bad you just didn’t “get it”. Breaking Dawn is an AMAZING book! I am a grandmother and I have forgotten more books than you will ever read. SM is a gifted writer who uses the written word to mesmerize and snag the reader. Thank-you Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Series are the only books that still made me cry while rereading for the third time.
      I would love for Stephenie to publish Midnight Sun, or perhaps continues the story with an all out war with the Volturi. Hook up “Freaky Fred” with “Tanya”. How about Felix falls in love with Bella too and plots the Cullens, demise. See the possibilities?

  2. What is soooo disappointing is that technically speaking, this is a rough draft manuscript littered with plot holes, grammatical and spelling errors, a broken canon to the world Stephanie created, out of character characters…people fail to miss that we’re all most upset that a poorly edited text came out instead of a polished gem. She completely negated the other two books to make sure she got what she wanted in plot, even if stylistically, it didn’t work in the plot anymore.

    That and she responds to the criticism by implying we don’t understand the book and we just need to give it time. Like we’re morons.

  3. I loved the book! It has Bella and Edward taking their relationship to the next level and maturing. It seems people can no longer identify with Bella because she is no longer an insecure teenage. She is finally confident in Edward’s love for her. Characters matured as they should. Did you want them to be perpetually in high school mode forever? How boring! Did you want Jacob to be in love with Bella forever? Not me! He was annoying and always played the guilt trip. Characters matured as they should. Did you want them to be perpetually in high school mode forever? How boring! There were no plot holes – we were set up for this from Twilight. As Bella did research, she found that male vampires had the ability to father children. In Eclipse we learned that female vampires could not carry a child because their bodies don’t change. You could see what was coming. Everything tied in with Breaking Dawn, plots and twists were necessary for the story. If Edward would have changed Bella as promised, there would have been a battle with the wolves until only one person remained. Not much of a story there. By the way, Edward would pobably not have changed her on his own because he felt like he would destroy her soul. So the Volturi would come and kill Bella; again end of story because Edward would die also. Or perhaps they would change her into a vampire then the wolves come. Marriage was not the end for them, it was the beginning of eternity. SM had the courage to allow her characters to grow.

  4. These books (twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) are awesome!!!!!!

  5. I love Breaking Dawn it is so perfect i reread it all the time. Do not listen to anyone who downs this book the way it is written is amazing, I am one of the biggest Harry potter fans but these books are WAY better. You capture people without being corrupted by the fame. In short you are an amazing author do not be discouraged by the simple minded reader who dosen’t understand the deeper meanings and concepts within a fasinating tale.

  6. i havent made it to breaking dawn yet..but im getting there. and what i have read i have no complaints. i think the books are great. as far as im concerned..maybe the only people who dont like the book is a jacob fan and since edward and bella are in the spotlight..they were disappointed. but that the way it goes. TEAM EDWARD all the way!!!!

  7. I clearly do not know why people think that Breaking Dawn is disappointing. It is amazing! Maybe people don’t like it because they get married? Or they have a kid? It was coming anyway, you could so tell! They just grew up and are out of high school. If they stayed like that then i would agree that it is boring,but they didn’t! There might be some grammar problems but its still worth it to read it! PLEASE read Breaking Dawn! If you have and open mind you will love it!

  8. Hello! i’m fan of twilight and new moon. but really, eclipse is not in my fav books cause i hate bella swam, she’s so b**ch xD! she love edward, meanwhile she loves jake… uuhhh i hate her

    for this, that happens in eclipse, i don’t wanna read breaking down. bella don’t deserve edward’s love and much lees, cullen family love

    wathever xD really i love the 1st and 2nd book! it’s very good! and i wanna read too midnight sun! edward is cool xD


    • I think you need to calm down. Yes, Allbel, she loves them both, but she loves them the same. But in different ways!

      ~Charlie the Pup.

  9. I’ve read Breaking Dawn, and I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

    Poor Stephenie… 😦


  11. i love twilight n new moon very much. the story are so romantic. may be i’ll be like her other book too

  12. I don’t understand hoe people could think that this book was a let down, for me personly i loved it to death i was to scared to finish it. i slove twilight the most but because that is were it all begain. new moon was also good you feel depresed when bella did and she described it so well. It made me feel like i was in love with Edward and the conflict or werewolves and vampires and how she fixes that and the voultri in Breaking dawn, he love for Edward and Renesmee was so strong she wouldn’t let anyone step in her way, not even the love she had for Jacob. I can’t wait to see the movie here in australia, It’s gonna rock.

    • I just love your books thanks you inwented edward and in that way i got to now there was someting like robert p and vampire thanks agan me and my friend sarted a fanclub of twilihgt my frieds name is chloe and my name is elandre gratested fan love elandre

  13. Maybe it’s not like I thought it would be but it’s a goood book just there are many things that were said to be impossible in Twilight and the other books and now it happens? But I like it anyway.

  14. juan carlos Says:

    esperamos pronto la traduccion de sus nuevos libros al español, de toda latinoamerica

  15. At first I didn’t really like BD, but then when I reread it a couple times I loved it. And if you say you don’t like it you have to admit that you like the first three chapters.

  16. i thought this book was brillant! please i suggest that you read the 3 books previous to this, if you do not you will not get the whole concept of this amazing story. i recomend these books to anyone who perfers not to read. all of my friends HATE books but just could not get enough of the twilight series! very excellent book’s.
    sincerely, Whitney.

  17. Needless to say, people have different opinions. But the real problem with this last book is how good and bad it was at the same time!

    I enjoyed the story greatly, but even as i went along reading I was thinking “Hm, there are better ways to put that” or “wow, that was really cheesy and not though-out”. In other words, I easily realized the poor quality of the writing.

    The other problem is all the “drooling”. Given the romantic nature of these books, it’s obvious that there are going to be some strong loving emotions throughout the book, and thats great! But the amount of pages filled up with down right obssesion from Bella over Edward is ridiculous.

    I have nothing against the plot, though. It had interesting twists, yet credibility within the story.

    I’d say this is a 2.5 star book. I say nice idea, nice concept, but work on those writing skills Mrs. Meyer!

  18. I think Breaking Dawn was okay at the beginning, though it was very random (and fanficish) that they went to a random island for their honeymoon…when it got to book 2 w/ jacob’s perspective i just quit reading…then i skimmed it to get the summary and what the heck? it is so far fetched and stupid…they get married, have a baby, edward doesnt want it, bella gets sick, edward tells jacob to sleep with bella, jacob a 16 or 17 yr old imprints the INFANT of the girl he “loves”….what the heck???

    this is what we would have been happy with….

    they get married (longer and more detailed wedding though)

    they have a great honeymoon somewhere not so random as Esme’s island….

    bella is in danger somehow and edward risks his life to save her (something heroic/romantic like that)

    edward turns bella into a vampire (which could have been a beautiful part of the book but instead it was just gross)

    they live “happily ever after”

    that would have been enough….she changed the personalities of the characters (edward is my favorite and she made him soooo different) kept jacob in the story (sorry but he annoys the crap out of me he needs to get a life!) put so many characters in the story i had no idea who she was talking about….and made waaaaayyy too many things happen waaaay too fast….it was a huge dissapointment….she should have just stopped after twilight if she was going to butcher the saga at the end 😦

  19. you αre the bestest αuthor EVER!..i αm in grαde eight, αnd the whole clαss if OBSESSED with you αnd your books, our teacher mrs.fαrrell got us αll into it!
    i hαve the WHOLE twilight series, αnd the host. So. keep writing, αnd hopfully, you’ll get Midnight Sun done..ill be crossing my fingers! 🙂

  20. i want to see twilight so badly but my mom can’t tak mii yet.

  21. Being the meticulous spelling Nazi that I am, the only thing that bothered me in ‘Breaking Dawn’ was the disgustingly frequent spelling errors. I caught a few in ‘Eclipse’, but I lost count in ‘Breaking Dawn’. It upset me; what are editors for?
    Otherwise, I find it quite ridiculous to put all published authors of popular literature on this pedastal of perfection. Someone as young as Stephenie Meyer, especially, can’t be expected to have the best technique yet. She’s still writing. Give her time to grow. Jeez. Write a damn bnovel yourself if you want something perfect.

  22. WOW! Why do people think that this book is upsetting? It is an amazing book and for people who dont think so need to think again! Stephenie Meyer did a great job writing this series and she deserves some good comments! I have read the entire series and i think that it is perfect! There is nothing left to say! I agree that maybe Jacob’s story shouldnt have been in there, because personally i really think that Jacob is annoying and needs to get a life! (Even though i LOVE Taylor Lautner! He is really cute!) But if you think about it, Bella’s story wouldnt have much to it! There wouldnt be anything for her to talk about because she just sits there in pain while Renesmee is killing her from the inside! But besides that these books are great! I REALLY hope that Midnight Sun gets published! I cannot wait any longer!
    Thankyou so much Stephenie Meyer! I love you and your books to death!

  23. I do not understand why this book is disappointing people! It is amazing! And if you dont think so then maybe you should think again! Stephenie Meyer has done an excellent job writing these book and she deserves some good comments! Besides the grammar problems it was great! So what if they got married and had a kid? They grew up! They are not in high school anymore! Live with it! Thats life!

  24. graxiaas stepheniee todos tu libros me encantan¡
    ojala slga otra version de crepusculo0
    te mando0 saludos
    vale mawsinitt

  25. Una mujer espectacular en todos los sentidos.

  26. orzala ulhaq Says:

    Wow I really like how you wrote the books, described the characters’, and I really like how they made a movie too…. but i think the book is better then the move becouse they miss allot of sines and it didn’t really felt like it was 2 hours… but over all i think its really nice.. and i really wont to see more movies of your books… 😀 “Breaking Dawn” isn’t bad

  27. orzala ulhaq Says:

    i love “Edward” :D(L)

  28. jc carique Says:

    i like the story and i really love the books.. I have already read the 4 novels.. it is more enjoyable to read than the HARRY POTTER Collections.. and I am waiting for the release of MIDNIGHT SUN..

  29. I am 62 years old and during the Thanksgiving holiday my granddaughters drug me, unwillingly, to see Twilight. I told them I am not into Vampires. They told me it was a love story. I came back with “isn’t love between vampires akin to honor among thieves? ” I ended up loving it and now am committed to seeing to next episodes in this saga! Who knew!?

  30. Hola, bueno yo soy de mexico y quiero decirte que tus 4 libros son unos de los mejores!
    En realidad me gustan muchisimo!
    Pero creo uqe la pelicula me queda a deber!


  32. These books are so good! They are very enjoyable to read! I have already read the whole series like 5 times! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! It is amazing! People who dont think so will regret it later when Stephenie Meyer gets awards for these books! She already has, but you never know! She might get more!
    Stephenie Meyer is AWSOME!!!! Please keep writing more books in the Twilight Series!

  33. Hi Stephenie. I’m a diligent reader of the Twilight series and I honestly think that you’ve created a beautiful master piece of a world so enchanting. Everyone makes mistakes with grammar,you’re still growing as an author,so just pay more attention to that,and the editors. I’m kinda sad that the series has drawn to a close, but it has been sensational. It has also inspired me to start writing my own book on vampires. Two types infact. I’ll admit that Breaking Dawn could’ve had a slightly different story line,a more detailed wedding,perhaps no child,more fighting with the Volturi, a trip to Volterra, Bella being in danger and her transformation being a romantic, beautiful process etc. However I’ll be waiting for Midnight Sun in anticipation! I’ve already bought the soundtrack to Twilight and now I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the movie Twilight in South Africa Dec 31 2008.

    Thank you for an amazing read,that has captivated me and so many others world wide! A fan forever!

  34. Dear stephenie meyer,
    I am doing a project on the book twilight and I really need to yous pictures of the book and of the charactors.
    My I please yous the pictures of the book Twilight?
    Please answer as soon as possible, I really need the pictures.


  35. la pelicula crespusculo esta chevere me encanta y creo q ahi no termina creo no porque yo busque por internet y sale que sigue luna nueva , eclipse, y amanecer pues ojala que esos libros que has escrito se pasen en el cine pues pero que bueno que hayas escrito ese libro de crepusculo que me encanta pero mas me encanta es edwar osea robert pattinson que esta bien simpatico pues bueno bye …sigue creando libros asi parecido porque me encanta pues

  36. jessica carroll Says:

    i loved eclipse and twilight. it was very well written and has many mnay fans. it even has its on clothing line (team edward, bella etc.)
    i really wish ( hate to bring this up) that stephanie should publish midnight sun. i understand that a ex friend but her book online but why ruin every one elses hopes for thr bookk by not publishing it. i have not read it but i wish that stephanie will put it out and create a new book t o the series. i heard she was making a new book about renesmay (sp) and jacob and i hope that it is true ❤

    the movie wasnt to good but they are getting a new director so it can only get better.

    i really hope that thoose of you who think that reading breaking dawn is a waste of timme change your mind this is a really great book and btw bella does not choose jacob over edward.

    thank you stephanie for publishinh such an a mazing series i hope you will continue with it.

    i also read stephainies book the host!!

  37. Frank Lomas Says:

    i mean…., what the hell is this lady thinking…, how dare she keep midnight sun umpublished 4 so long… u know what?
    i think she should rewrite all the books from edward’s perspective
    or have a fifht book published, continuing after breaking dawn
    the story cant end just like THAT!!

  38. i love your books..
    they are awesome..!!!

  39. twilight obsessed gail Says:

    WOW! stephanie your books are amazing and i am so glad you have this wonderful talent to write. Don’t listen to the idiots who are trying to put u down. You are a great writer and i’m crossing everything i have for you to finish midnight sun soon!!!



    • You’re the saddest person I’ve ever seen online. If you don’t snap to reality you’re going to die loveless and alone, probably living with your parents, or try and go emo (even though you’re toonugly anyways) because the world’s done you wrong, because you don’t have friends, (because you’re ugly and obsessed with a fictional guy) and who knows, someone’ll die and your parents will get a divorce. (But it will be your fault, because they’re ashamed to have such an ugly, loser, failure of a daughter.)

      That is all I can think of when I read your paragraph.

    • Luvie Edward Cullen Says:

      Your a big bi!*h!!!!!! I hate you! go to He*l!!!!!!!!!! You are no where close to beautiful, infact an ugly person inside and out! You back the fu*k off!!!!!!! U will NOT murder me!!!! You have never met Rob Pattinson, even if you did he’d rather kiss a MAN, instead of you A**! That is how a Bi!*h pays back! Love you sooooo much stephani, sorry about this message, but someone had to talk some sense into this girl!


    Hi stephanie,YOU ROCK TO DEATH. Sorry about the little episode i have above me.I just had a REALLY rough day and I just REALLY like Edward Cullen ALOT as you can tell.I have two of your books Twilight and new moon.I am finishing up twilight right now so i will hopefully soon get started on new moon.You are really good at writing stories.I LOVE YOU! LUV the real mrs.cullen

  42. uaha…i love breaking dawn bcoz dey liied happly ever after..,,but the royalty or the Volturi sucks bCoz they r so pakelamerzz!!

  43. your books were great i loved them really! when i read breaking dawn i was like wo0ow ! =D please continue writting!! ur books are great! please please please !!

  44. Okay Hana, your so called “rough draft/disappointment littered with plot holes” sold millions of copies, gained hundreds of thousands of fans – myself included – and is going to be made into a movie.

    And perhaps mine was a newer edition, but I didn’t find any spelling errors – and I am a professor of English.

    And oh by the way, it was a #1 New York Times Bestseller. Remind me how rough drafts make it onto the NYT Bestseller list…? Oh right, they don’t.

    You are entitled to your opinion, though, no matter how insignificant it may be in light of the success of the Twilight Saga.

  45. i love all the books and i now cant wait for the film to come out on DVD… i loove the ending in breaking dawn, they lived!! yay. i think stephenie should have brought out alot more books about bella and edward. i think nessie is sooo cute, people think that the imprinting buisness between nessie and jacob is weird, i think it is soo sweet! we should all have a soul mate, don’t you think…

  46. i demand for books after Breaking Dawn. ill ask for more. Breaking Dawn isn’t the end. it must not. haha, i love the story. thnx stephenie..

  47. I have read twilight, new moon and eclipse but i am really annoyed with shops because whenever i see a shop and go in it’s always sold out! because it is so popular you would have thought they would have ordered more this is really irritating as i am not able to read one of my favorite book series.

    By the way the other books are awesome cant wait to read em.

  48. hello my name is maiwennn i am french i love your books you are a very good ecrivain

  49. Stephenie,I Absolutly LOVE Twilight!♥!
    I think it is the best Book series i have ever read,and its the BEST movie!
    I Have read All the books…from Twilight to Breaking Dawn! And i can’t wait untill the next one comes out!



  51. I loved all four books, Bella’s story really is a fairytale!

  52. Stephenie Meyer, I am a reader of your Brazil.
    I love reading your books … Not need to tell you how good it is.
    Do not forget their Brazilian fans.

  53. Edward Cullen's Wifey Says:

    hi Edward Honey i LLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV you lots of besos for u also i want everyone to stop talking bout my man k cuz he is all mine and forever mine k so just get over it BYE Hunny Bunny{Edward Cullen}

  54. I’m just SO FAN!!!!! Stephenie Meyer is a genius!!!! I have, like, 10 posters of Twilight in my room!!!!! and Edward is juste the perfect guy!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i loved all of the books and btw little miss Kandy …. breaking dawn did NOT royally suck.. you do !!! i love all of the books the stephanie wrote and i would like to see all the haters try to do one fourth as AWSOME as she did!!! ( which you cant since your so busy being loZERS ) BUt anyway i loved all of the books

  56. hello my name is matzi I love your books and I love the most first and then all the others would end on the last and move to Inpact to your fans like me bye, I love your books

    from mitzi bye

  57. Lachelle Says:

    I have no idea what is upsetting fans about Breaking Dawn because I have the whole set, and Breaking Dawn is really great.

  58. I Loved Breaking down Stephine I don’t see whats wrong with I!!!!!!

  59. I loved Breaking Dawn!
    I thought it was the best of the whole series!

    I don’t know why some people say it’s disapointing.

  60. Team Edward Cullen! XD Says:

    I love all the books, they were awsome! I have read all of them loads of times, and every time I read ‘New Moon’ it makes my cry! 😦
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with ‘Breaking Dawn’ it is great! (the best out of the whole series!)- I have read it 10 times (or more!) lol XD
    You are such a genius Stephenie Meyer!!!!!!!!!!

    I really hope midnight sun comes out!- I want to be able to understand Edward a bit more! XD – With you all the way Edward! lol x

    DON’T LET THOSE IDIOTS PUT YOU DOWN STEPHENIE! YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER! (you should-and I really hope you do- finish writing ‘Midnight Sun’ and other books to the series !!!)

  61. No, I thought that Breaking Dawn was pretty disappointing than the other 3 books.

  62. I LOVE Breaking Dawn. I think it is the best book EVER!!!!:)

  63. I LUV HIS STARE Says:

    Thanks to my 2 girls i’m hooked. At first I didn’t understand what the fuss was about so I finally watched the movie…5 times in a row.Then I took my daughters book and started reading it. I ended up reading all four books in about 5 days pulling to all niters and two days off work. LOL BD was good my only complaint is I just still want more.

  64. I REALLY loved Twilight and Eclipse and I liked New Moon, but Breaking Dawn was just… it made me shiver when I think about it. I read the book quickly, not processing what I was reading. Then, when I was through, I realized how much of a dissappointment it was. How many characters, places, and personalities REALLY need to be produced? Why not just extend Eclipse a bit more and make them all vampire-y and married THEN? I LOVE Stephenie’s books, and I’m not saying I hate Breaking Dawn. But as compared to T, NM, and E, BD is like a bullet through the head. Anyone who hasn’t read T,NM, and E would LOVE BD, but ‘experienced’ Twilighters would all agree: BD= bombed.

  65. Mary Thompson Says:


  66. Olaaa!!!! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyy esta re diiviina la pelii me enkntaaa…. los books son los max….

  67. maria vittoria Says:

    beautiful books!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  68. maria vittoria Says:

    i want read the 5° book… wher is?????????

  69. I am 42 years old and loved the movie Twilight, it was so well scripted and the acting and characters really “sucked” us in, BUT, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn have truly disappointed me beyond belief. The story lines seemed rushed, there were twisted and warped scenes, and it was just bad writing all around. The movie was supposed to be a romance, about two people drawn like magnets to each other who could not be together, but wanted to be. New Moon was great, but the rest is a huge letdown. I feel there should be a Breaking Dawn book burning and we should all invite SM. There should have been an epic battle fought, with the Cullens and friends having a victory, and Bella should not have had an easy newborn vampire experience, or an alien baby sucking the life out of her and Edward should not have turned into a “yes dear” personality in love with an immature and spoiled Bella that the whole Cullen family worshiped, ugh! I am SO letdown and if you google this topic I am SO not alone! PS. Renesmee? Bella drove a beat up pickup truck, what would possess her to choose a cheesy name like that? Maybe Charly or Edwina but never Renesmee. SM, you need to know how your fans feel about your last two books in this sage, CHEATED!

  70. i ADMIT I liked the book in some ways, mostly because I’m a huge Bella and Edward fan, but I’m disappointed by all the plot holes in the book. I literally couldn’t finish the last 20 chapters because the plot started to sag. I just skipped to the last two chapters and called it a day. There were a ton of things that just randomly happened in this book with no explanation. Lik e the pregnancy, I liked it,but no explanation. Also, she said the legends of the Vampire children, why were they randomly put in this book, why couldn’t they have been mentioned in the previous books so that it could be valid foreshadowing!
    Also- please don’t burn her book, just return it so she loses some money, because that’s the only way you can hurt her. Burning the book just wastes your money, and in this ecomomy who wants to do that!!!

  71. Meyer’s books are so vivid, so intense. She created a whole new world with just her imagination. I started Twilight about a year and a half ago, and i couldn’t put it down. It’s so beautiful-the lion and the lamb falling in love. Shortly, i devoured the rest of the saga. Why do i like it? It’s so intense, so vivid, like you’re actually there. The Twilight Saga is creative and mysterious-opening up a whole new world to me.

  72. Great! Outstanding! When I was watching it and when I was reading it, I felt I was there. I felt that “I am Bella Swan”
    in every book that I have red, just two writers that can make me flow in their story, that are J.K Rowling and Stephenie Mayer. In the future, I will be the third. I will learn to be Stephenie Mayer.
    Wish me luck!
    btw, I am waiting for the 5th!

  73. Cerita yang sangat menarik! Lain kali bawa nama negaraku di bukunya donk… he..he.. becanda doank… (q cuma ‘comment’ buat yang ngerti bahasaku. hahaha…)

  74. Dorothy Says:

    I just wanted to comment on the role of Jacob Black. Why is the part not played by a native guy? Actually, all the native roles should be played by native people, there are plenty native actors out there who should be actively looked for to fill all the roles. The next movie will involve the rez with Billy, Jacob Black and their family and will look funny and feel weird to see “not native” people playing the parts.

  75. this is really not an ordinary story!!!
    LUV it SO MUCH!!!!

  76. Nice books ! People, You shouldnt Piss Off Stephenie’s Books ! they are all NICE !! I hate people like that ( Pissers ! grr ! )

  77. semra aygün Says:

    Kitaplarınız o kadar güzelki anlatamam size çok beğendim çok çok çok güzeeeeeeellllll devamını bekliyormmm

  78. you idiots!!!! stop saying all tht bad stff about stephenie’s books. if u want to complain then u are just rotten jelous!!! th books r awesome!!! i hv read thm again & again.

  79. Alabama girl Says:

    I absolutely love your books and can’t wait for the fifth one!!! I’m only on the fourth book and really wish the fifth book was already out. I really hope you keep writing more books for the Twilight Series. You and your books are awsome!!!!!

  80. i love all the books!!!! my fav is breaking dawn!!! it all ends in a happily ever after which i was gald for!! i was very sad when i finished all the books!!! 😦 i can’t wait till midnight sun comes out i really want to read it!!!!!! but anyway all the books were amazing and i have never read any books better than these!!!! I LOVE THE TWLIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!!

  81. Alibel you should definetly read breaking dawn as it explains a lot to do with bella’s confused feelings between edward and jacob

  82. Sugar G Says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I LOVE your books!!! I have some suggestions to make. I think you should make another book in the series, based on Renesmee and Jacob. In the end, how Edward and Bella said they would always be together for ever, it felt like a cliff-hanger ending…almost. I also believe that the beginning of book one should have been more exciting. My very good friend, who is a total fan of Three Days Grace (lol), said that it was SO BORING. Thus, she is not continuing the series. I am trying to convince her now to finish it. My favorite book was either the first or the last. It was so cute how Bella first saw Edward and his family at lunch. I love your Twilight saga.

  83. afrodita Says:

    my name is afrodita.I live in bosnien and i looooove twilight.stephanie you are the best ecrivain in the wold.I apsolutely love you books.when i was reading the books i was “baf”.thank you…

  84. 8675309 Says:

    why is everyone obsessed with Robert, or Edward. i love Jacob and Taylor hes so hot, i don’t get it. new moon is my favorite book out of all of them and is going to be my favorite movie too i cant wait i keep watching the trailer over and over again just to see Taylor with his shirt off ❤

  85. I know I’m ridiculously late to this party but I had to throw in my .02. Love love loved Breaking Dawn. I love that these two characters were completely different than they were in Twilight, showing that they’ve matured and grown together. I loved the end and do not think a “happy ending” equates to a sell-out by any means. My one and only complaint about the amazing Stephenie Meyer is that I’m disappointed that she seems to be so over this series, while we’re all still hungry for more. I want to know what happens to Jacob and Renesmee after Renesmee is grown. I want to see what happens when Bella is reunited with her mother. I want to know more about Carlisle’s many years of being a vampire before turning Edward – and I definitely want to read the rest of Midnight Sun. I can only hope SM will find it in her heart to give us more at some point down the road.

  86. natália gomes Says:

    meu nome é natália e sou do Brasil,meu inglês é péssimo mas vou tentar fazer o possível para dizer que seus livros são ótimos,é como um vício..
    tambem quero lhe implorar para continuar escrevento mas livros que deem continuidade a amanhecer!porfavorr!
    e espero uma turne pelo Brasil com vc e os atores(Robert e Taylo)e a atrise(Kristen)!!
    beijos e fique sempre com Deus!

  87. hey stephenie my name is alual i live in prince albert I love ur these books twilight,new moon,eclipse,breaking dawn when i strating reading them i couldn’t put e’m down. thank u soo much hope u finish midnight sun please i would love to read it xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  88. carlislesbestfriend Says:

    i really was crying out of joy when jacob told bella that he will stop trying and he will give in because originally jacob was never supposed to be in the story he was actually only supposed to tell bella about the quilete legends and the cold ones but the author kept him and look at how much damage he did to bella because he makes her choose between her and a guy everyone knows she will never leave its impossible but i personally love carlisle in all twilight stories for some reason i think he is special like a guide idk but when i saw jane being so nice and sayin that aro wasnt exaggerating & until next time carlisle i was like woah major attitude change didnt last time in italy she try to put bella in pain and did put edward in pain with her weird mind powers but i wish i got to know more about riley in eclipse what a pity isnt it..

  89. i too like jacob blake more than edward. Eclipse is definetly th€ best book, the part where jacob is in the tent with valery edward and bella is my fav part. I cant wait for midnight sun to get released. In break it down the best part was when nessy was born and of course when bella regains her full strenght and so valtorin had to “run away”. I hope there will be lots of books from stephanie meyer, because of her i started to write and to read more books <3. tyvm xxx

  90. mrb iyi günler bayadır roman okunuyordum ama ilk açılış olark siizin romanlardan okudum ilk alacakaranlğı okudum ama sevdim ve ondan sonra yeni ay tutulma ve şafak vakti… yani sevdim yeni sevenlerde bulaşmak dileğiylern vermiş olduğunuz emeklerden dolayıda sizi önce tebrik eder ve teşkürlerimi iletiyorum iyi günler…

  91. I want to ask something
    you wrote the book because you actually think vampilere very beautiful and fascinating story of the same seems to be a real vampire existence of these books were written so as not to inanarakmı story must necessarily continue 🙂

  92. Super kirjanik oled sa,need mõtted ja sõnastused ja üldse see kogu romantika mis kord muutub kurvaks ja siis samas jälle ilusaks,on lihtsalt super!:)Ja ma loodan igakord kui raamatu läbi loen et see kõik võiks mitte lõppeda vaid muudkui edasi ja edasi minna et saaks rohkem ja veel rohkem lugeda.Sest see on väga huvitav ja mõtlema panev!

    Im Love it!

    Thak You!

    By_Natalja From Estonia:)

  93. i’m very big fun of your books!!!!!!!i love the films too!!!!of course edwart is very beautiful and jacob too but edwart more……bella is cute….continue the books not the films because will be boring………

  94. WOW!!! I LOVED ALL of the books. In the space of two weeks I read all 4 and I cannot see what the problem is with Breaking Dawn. It ties everything nicely together. After all, they grow up. That is what life is all about. It works for me! Yes, there are spelling errors. Yes, there are syntax errors, etc. etc. So what? It does not detract from the great story-line. I have total and utter Bella and Edward withdrawal at the moment…. I NEED MIDNIGHT SUN….. Please Stephenie..if you read this somehow, please…please…please… you cannot let Edward’s voice die…. PLEASE PUBLISH

  95. I was really disappionted with all the books after a couple of my friends told me to read it, they sucked.

  96. Twilight est une histoire tellement passionnante est si…indescriptible

  97. twilight series are awsome and it made me want to be a vampire could u imagine it !!

  98. lizbeth mariana agudelo Says:

    hola stephenie me parece que los seriales de crepusculo son excelentes super bonitos . la verdad lo unico q no me gusto un poco fue que bella se ubiera enamorado de jacob /pero el resto esta super bien de verdad que es la mejor historia de amor que haya podido existir es divina sencillamente espestacular

  99. rebekah misso Says:

    i wont to be an acter and looking at twillight i see it being an opercunidy to be a acter and if u have a roll or u need a person to be in one of the twillight moves ill be like the first person to be there so plz if u need eny thing or eny one plz concider me

  100. adóro d+

  101. omg i can not beliwe twilightsage now moon caim on the 20.11
    in the cinema omg…….
    i think thet day well be my b€st day…
    really i can not b€liw omg
    P.Si r€ad th€ boock is am€izing

  102. hello!

    how are you?

    i like twilight saga

    is wonderful your books

    i read three books

    they`re twilight, new moon and eclipse!!!!



    i love stephenie meyer

    is mi idol

  103. omg guy’s i see NEW MOON and …. it was so briliant
    PLEASE see him it’s WOW ….

  104. Please write more book’s about this story.

  105. eu achei o livro bem interessante

  106. los personajes se sienten tan reales y llenos de vida.
    por favor necesito leer sol de medianoche!
    es muy importante ese libro, porque…. son lo mas cercano a la magia ♥

  107. mabel maulen nuñez Says:

    soy fanatica de la saga de crepusculo , no me perdi por nada del mundo el estreno ificila de la pelicula new moon es demaciado buena ,la fuia ver con una amiga quedamos paralizadas con tal estreno , fue fantastico….es bueno saber que existan autoras como Stepheanie mayer…..
    nos llena el mindo de fantacias……GRACIAS!!!!!!!!!!

  108. i’m reading TENTATION,
    loooooooooooove how you write 🙂

  109. Pois ´quem diria, eu que ñ gostava de ler to louca pra comprar esse livro pois vi o filme e foi censacional!!! valeu stefany te adimiro muito

  110. Rafael alves Says:

    Hola, bueno yo soy de Brazil y quiero decirte que tus 4 libros son los mejores!
    Me gustan muchisimo! UN DIA QUIERO ESCREVER CMO USTED!

  111. olivia 4 robert Says:

    i love all the books it is my life now and i could not live with out them

  112. ı lowe stephenıe meyer……robert pattınson…….krısteına stewan

    • can you be my pen friend that meens jouwrit to me my name is elandre i oso like robert and at the moment i am felling lonle my nomber is0741335855 dont worie my mother will anser for nou please talk too me melisa my pen frind love elandre

  113. i love you robert pattinson and kristeina u r the cooles person on eath as well as jacob and robert pattinson u r hot!!!! aahhhhh

  114. Nightsultan Says:

    …I miss Buffy!

  115. kiss michael y love you and books

  116. I was really dissapointed when I heard that the 5th book after ( moon,eclipse,breaking dawn) is aboyt the second life of Bree Tanner……….!!!!! Writing about Renesmee’s life with her soulmate…Jacob would be more interesting and fascinating !!!!!! Jacob is one of people’s favourite characters and I am sure that if your new book was about this the results would be great !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much !!!

  117. mm i love twilight! and their books… its fantastic…. stephenie meyer is perfect because she has big fantasy and i love her…. twilight is my life now… and the books…its something …eh! its perfect, fandastic, excelent! thanks… i am from slovak but it doesnt matter… i speak english….err…loweeeeeeee twilight: 1, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, and 5.. and i love too edward and bella. they are supeeeeer!!!!!!! lowe…. robert pattinson is fantastic…. and kristen steward too. 🙂 i love them… very!

  118. Good plot, good romance, pleases the crowd, badly written.

  119. pues yo pienso que sta pelicula va ahacer muy buena

  120. twilight girl Says:

    The Twilight Saga is the best! I love books and I have read the entire series several times. I long to work after they ment other films coming out. I wish that there will be other books they’re so damn good! You can not stop reading and snap one up in less than a day. Twilight! New moon! Eclips! Breaking Dawn!

  121. Eaglevamp Says:

    Perhaps a break-off novel about Jacob and his soul-mate would be a neat idea?

  122. First of all I would like to say that I enjoyed reading Meyer’s work. I found it, well written, and all around a good series to start; however, Breaking Dawn was the least enjoyable to read (my opinion). Not that it wasn’t a great book, but it felt rushed. I know that sounds naive to say but, Bella was still young and in Breaking Dawn she was, it seems, depicted as an older more experianced woman.

  123. Ethereal Darkling Says:

    Breaking Dawn sucks big time. its just gross. why did Meyer have to ruin everything???? she started messing things up from Eclipse itself.

    first of all, in the movie (New Moon), Bella almost kisses Jake believing she would never get to see Edward again- but in the book(Eclipse), she kisses him when she has Edward right there with her. like,is it even possible for Bella to fall for Jake when she shares this deep unique love with someone like Edward??

    then, what’s with all this mundane stuff like marriage & having babies?? for one thing, they’re just teens for god’s sake!!! how could Meyer be so heartless as to completely ruin Edward & Bella’s sweet, almost spiritual love with something so dirty as craving after carnal pleasure?? i mean, Bella’s like a senseless slut. & there are some really gruesome scenes.

    & when u look at the story as a whole, there are so many flaws. its so disappointing what with the ‘perfect happy ending’ (kinda unrealistic) where every single one of the good guys live-i mean exist- happily ever after.

    Meyer could’ve done so much better. if this was what she was driving at- if this was what she had to offer to the world at the end after initially creating a great phenomenon (which she never utilized as J.K.Rowling for instance would’ve done),she might as well never have written Twilight.

    the one great thing Meyer really deserves credit for is creating the extraordinary character of Edward Cullen,especially as he is portrayed in ‘Midnight Sun’.

  124. I HATE BREAKING DAWN!!!! so does everyone right?? every sane person i mean.

  125. Avid reader. All four books were wonderful! Not a single complaint! Entertainment at it’s best! Couldn’t put them down and I wouldn’t have it end any other way, but I’m a sucker for happy endings. No pun intended.

  126. Loved the Twilight books. I think Breaking Dawn was my favorite. I would really love to see you write an additional book. It would be nice for the setting to be a few years later as Renesmee gets old enough to be with Jacob and to see how things work out for Jacob the wolf and Renesmee the half human/half vampire girl.

  127. i loved your twilight books, there are so nice and understadable i love the story it ,love you and your books.

  128. I love twilight and Jacob i so hot ❤ i reat its now 😀 i is kap 10 and s 200

  129. nadiah akhbar Says:

    I’ve read the eclipse loved it I am know reading the short second life of bree tanner love it…. but can you please 1 day come to maidenhead town so we can see you probably never happen but hey!
    when I’m older I would love to be a author like you and Suzanne Collins you are both great! or a film director or!artist or illustrator.
    I’m sorry that I’m bragging about every thing but when I’m older as well as being a whatever I would love to give about a grand to charity because if you think for a minute you have all this money and can help someone else. anyway if you do read this thanks for always giving me inspiration on every thing thanks!!!! 🙂

  130. I love your novel which is called twilight and I got it from one of my friend .
    I will read it compeletely in my winter holiday………….

  131. God, I tried my hardest to read through the majority of these commets, but not even halfway through I realized they were almost entirely made up of the idiotic and grammatically incorrect spewings of teenage girls, or illiterate adults, which saddens me even more. I cannot say that Breaking Dawn was a disappoint; in order to admit it was a disappointment would mean that I would have to admit I had any faith or respect for the last three pseudo-novels, and well, I didn’t. They are sorely lacking in every aspect that defines literature. The characters are blank slates onto which delusional, ignorant teens project themselves onto pathetically. The “love” (I prefer to call it an unhealthy, unrealistic lust) between Edward and Bella is horrifying; she ditches her friends and her family in order to mold to what Edward wants her to be; she cocoons herself for months on end before jumping off a cliff to her death so that Edward might appear to her in some fashion; she is somehow not able to explain what exactly it is that she likes about Edward’s personality, it always comes back to his physical appearance. Though I cannot blame her in not being able to describe his personality for he does not own one. They do not share hobbies, unless you mistake heavy petting and obsession as sharing hobbies. She completely abandons her independence, her strength, and her very femininity. It is disgusting, and not something we should be teaching our impressionable youth. Even worse than this god-awful “story” is the writing SMeyer butchers it with. If this plot had any shred of dignity within it, SMeyer made sure she stripped it of said dignity when she put pen to paper while consulting a five page thesaraus.

    But on to the “science” and mythology of things, I suppose. Vampires. Okay, I like vampires. Richard Matheson’s vampire fiction from the 1950s was eye-opening, dark, and glorious, as well as his short stories. Anne Rice defined a generation of vampire lore and literature, and brilliantly and deservingly so! The love between Marius and Pandora is a true vampire romance. Need I say it spanned over several thousand years? Bram Stoker? A vampire-fiction god, who created a deliciously enchanting and cleverly “disguised” sexual metaphor during a time when sexuality was banned (silly Victorians!). “Christobel?” These are true vampires. Real vampires. There are mentionings of fangs, human blood, anguish, raw sexuality, history, and true immortality. These are vampires that rightfully burst into flame and become ashes when exposed to sunlight; you see, Twi-Hards, giving up the ability to walk amongst the living during the day is part of the whole eternally damned creatures of the night thing. Yes, the NIGHT. And as for the utter codswallop that Edward impregnates Bella with his vampiric sperm (what a paradox that one is!)… I cannot even bring myself to rant about that. SMeyer needs to stay away from vampires, she’s already succeeding enough in derailing centuries of accepted vampire lore. She is a disaster.

    As for these so-called werewolves SMeyer speaks of. Well, one word: shape-shifters.

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