Liza Minelli reveals how she works a crowd while performing

Friday, August 08, 2008 — by Wow Jones


Liza Minelli performs

Liza Minelli performs


In promotion of a free concert in Coney Island yesterday, the legendary 62 year old singer/actress/dancer Liza Minelli revealed in an interview just how she

works a crowd. 

In response to a question by Joe Dzimianowicz (“Liza Minelli hits Coney Island with free show” NY Daily News, Thursday August, 7, 2008) about the importance of getting the show off to a right start, she responded

“Well, you walk out on stage, you look at the audience, they look at you and the relationship starts.  They make it all possible in that song.  When I’m on stage, I’m like a tiger or some animal.  I prowl around to see who’s doing what and then act accordingly (laughs).  I find people’s faces in the audience and I sing to them.”



Liza Minelli with composer Arnold Riedhammer

Liza Minelli with composer Arnold Riedhammer


When asked of the sex of the potential audience member, Liza Minelli said,

“I don’t flirt with the men, I just don’t.  I always want to get to his wife of his daughter as if to say, “You know what I’m talking about.”

When asked about how she goes about keeping a performance of the song “New York, New York” fresh, she responds by saying,

“I think of a girl who’s thinking, “I want to go to New York.  I’m not already in New York.  I want to go to New York, you know, and be on Broadway.”

Wise words from a show-biz vet.


Liza Minelli in film "Cabaret"

Liza Minelli in film "Cabaret"


–The Wow Jones Report



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