Christie Brinkley’s new love (SUPER QUOTE)

Monday, August 04, 2008  — by Wow Jones

Former Model and recent divorcee (again) Christie Brinkley is GOOD…Check out the article by Debbie Tuna in today’s The New York Daily News “Christie Brinkley’s new love“, where she reveals her new love of…

surfing.  Yup.   Interviewed while making an appearance at a Hamptons benefit for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Christie Brinkley talked about what she’s doing this summer. 

Check out these quotes.  Note how Christie Brinkley paints a picture and sets a mood with her short, succinct and vivid quotes. 

“Yes I’ve dusted off my surfboard.  When I was a surfer girl in Malibu, putting my phonograph needle over and over on the old Beach Boy songs.”

See what I mean?

“My kids and I love it out on the water.  We get away from the crowds by kayaking out to explore the inlets and coves, and we’ve tried the new rage of standing up paddling on the surfboard.  This summer I want to just slow everything down.”

Wowzer.  Christie Brinkley is GOOD.  Media-saavy to a fault.  Take notes folks.

–The Wow Jones Report


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