SHOCKER! Katie Holmes Not A Box-Office Draw on Broadway!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008 — by Wow Jones



Came across an news story by NY Post Theater Critic Michael Riedel the July 2, 2008 edition of The NY Post.  In it, Theater Critic Michael Riedel reports that Mrs Tom Cruise; Katie Holmes, who was cast to star in the new adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play 


“All My Sons” hasn’t proven to be much of a draw.  In fact, advance ticket sales are said to be less than $1 million.  In contrast, Nicole Kidman had generated advance sales of $4 million when she made a Broadway debut in David Hare’s “The Blue Moon” in 1998.  Keep in mind that news that Nicole Kidman would be appearing NUDE in the play surely helped ticket sales in that instance.


Think about it though, what’s interesting about Katie Holmes?  Other than that she’s Tom Cruise’s wife and has an adorable baby?  I can’t think of anything.  Can you?  Maybe she needs to drop it like its hot as opposed to laying it down like it’s warm…


–The Wow Jones Report


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