Michael Strahan — Super Quote


MON, July 28, 2008   — by Wow Jones



Came across this interview with recently retired NY Giant Defensive End (and NFL Great) Michael Strahan in The NY Post last week (“Serby’s Sunday Q & A with Michael Strahan”-NY Post, Sunday, July 20, 2008). Fine example of an interview with 3-Dimensional quotes.  

In the fall, he’ll be joining the FOX NFL Sunday crew and I’m sure it’ll be must watch television.  During his NFL playing career, Michael Strahan often displayed the personality that made it pretty obvious that he’s a natural for TV.   



In the interview, when asked where he was during the infamous fight between former NY Giant rookie Tight End Jeremy Shockey and NY Giant Brandon Short, Strahan declared;


“I was like front row, Don King seats.”


Note the use of the name Don King as an adjective.  When Serby asked why didn’t he (Strahan) try to break it up, Strahan replied,


“I’m not jumping in there.  That’s two big bulls fighting.  I’m not gonna get caught by a haymaker…It was great.  Best fight I’ve ever seen.


Great visual language there.  You could almost hear Michael Strahan chuckling in his response.  Note the use of the adjective/noun combination “big bulls”.  Note the use of the vernacular term “haymaker”.  Later on in the interview, Steve Serby asked who won and Michael Strahan answered, 


“Nobody, really — both connected on some blows, but the table went up, there’s food everywhere.  Kerry Collins and Jesse Palmer were sitting at the table, so when Brandon came over, they both just pushed back like an old Wester and got out of the way before the guys drew their guns.”


Now if that doesn’t paint a picture for you, nothing will.  Terrific and short storytelling.  Not only that but the use of the colorful language suggests that Michael Strahan has a personality that’ll be a superb addition to the FOX NFL Sunday crew.  Check out the rest of the interview when you get a chance.







–The Wow Jones Report


2 Responses to “Michael Strahan — Super Quote”

  1. I love a good looking man with a sexy Gaaap. No one else can wear that gap like Michael Strahan. Good Luck on Fox, I’ll be watching.

  2. michael strahan has the sexiest tooth

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