Former ‘American Idol’ singer Taylor Hicks rocks n rolls on Broadway in “Grease”!!!


Saturday July 26th, 2008  — by Wow Jones


The NY Post theater critic Michael Ridel reports (NY Post, Friday, June 27th, 2008– ” Hicks ignites ‘Grease’: Despite pans, revival gets boost from ‘Idol’ ” — Michael Riedel)  that American Idol winner Taylor Hicks has proven to be quite a draw for Broadway’s ‘Grease’ revival.  








While Taylor Hicks has been dropped by his record label Riedel’s article illustrates just what star power — and a little imagination — can do for a career. 



According to Riedel, “audiences are going nuts whenever Hicks plays his harmonica…”




Come to think of it, the idea of Taylor Hicks being cast in the popular musical ‘Grease’ — with its 1950’s setting — fits and is right on, turns out. 





As they say, to succeed in show business…PAY ATTENTION to what the audience wants, and then GIVE it to them! 





While this current run of the musical ‘Grease’ has been panned by the critics, SOMETHING was going on that made audiences pay their hard-earned money and see it.  Ahhhhh, star power…





Have the Soul Patrol folks come out their closets and made a difference as far as the box office goes?  Where were they when his album came out?



–The Wow Jones Report


9 Responses to “Former ‘American Idol’ singer Taylor Hicks rocks n rolls on Broadway in “Grease”!!!”

  1. Bonnie L. Says:

    <<<Have the Soul Patrol folks come out their closets and made a difference as far as the box office goes?<<<

    Duh!? That’s a given…and they are making their way to New York from all parts of the country. To see Taylor Hicks in a live performance is nothing like seeing him on that reality TV show that made him famous.

  2. madaboutu Says:

    Well, yes, some of the Soul Patrol have the money to go to NY to see Grease, and keep others posted online for those who can’t……………but, it isn’t only the hardcore fans who are paying the money. It’s the fans who loved him on American Idol, but lost track of him due to the incompetency of how he was handled by both his label and management right after that show. You are so right, it IS all in the right marketing. If you see the people lined up for his autograph after the show, they are all ages and both genders.

  3. I’ve travelled a long way to see Taylor Hicks in Grease and intend to do it again before his run is over. He is a fantastic performer and really breathes the life into Grease.

  4. They’re coming from all over the US, Europe, the Middle East. We’ve known all along that Taylor has “star power,” even though American Idol has constantly belittled and berated him for the past 2 years. You can’t keep a good man down.

  5. Gr8fulheart Says:

    What ‘Reality Show’? Taylor was born a true Artist. He just needed to make us aware of his presense. Well~We’re Aware!
    BTW~there isn’t a closet large enough to hold the ‘Soul Patrol’!…lol ‘Have Taylor ~ Will Travel’!

  6. Taylor commands the stage. It is a combination of talent , charisma, hard work and not being afraid of giving it his all. He has some natural talent, intuition to know what works and a lack of fear, and it all works for him. He has made the role on Grease far bigger than it was, or ever will be again. Love to see him take on a good film role…

  7. Taylor is the party!! Whether he’s on a Broadway stage or a concert stage, his fans come out in droves to see him. Taylor’s album went platinum….no thanks to American Idol….their people never promoted it and never sent the digital to any radio stations…..they never gave him a video to promote the album…..Taylor toured on his own (without Idol promoting him) and sold out every venue. Taylor is no longer Idol’s “best kept secret”…..Idol’s loss is Broadway’s gain!! Taylor is magnificent as Teen Angel, and the audience loves him!! Run, don’t walk, to catch Taylor on Broadway…..his final GREASE performance will be on Sept. 7th.

  8. Out of the closet you ask? The Soul Patrol has never been in the closet,we were always front and center to support Taylor,it was the nay sayers that always got the publicity where Taylor was concerned.Plus the rotten job that Idol did with his publicity.After he won they did nothing to support or promote him.What he has accompolished he did on his on,but thats ok he has the talent and personality to do it on his own,he doesn’t need the powers that be to bolster his career.His album went platinum so why are they asking where the Soul Patrol was when his album came out? We were there supporting him then like we are now.He has a natural talent that will sustain him for many,many years to come !

  9. The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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