J. Edgar Hoover and The Child Snatcher

Saturday, June 28, 2008  –by Wow Jones




Came across this article on J. Edgar Hoover in The Justice Story (“Hoover And The Child Snatcher” — NY Daily News Sunday, June 22, 2008 by David J. Krajicek) section of Sunday’s NY Daily News. 






Fine movie.  Larry Cohen is a genius.



Ironic, being that I recently saw the epic Larry Cohen bio-pic movie “The Private Files Of J. Edgar Hoover” for the first time.  Anyway, the story involves the 1930s Florida kidnapping of 5 year-old James “Skeegie” Cash Jr. 







Note how J. Edgar Hoover used the press cases like this (and the captures of Public Enemies John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie And Clyde) generated to garner a bigger budget for Hoover’s relatively new crime-fighting agency the F.B.I.  It also helped cement his face and the agency’s name in the eyes of the public.





-The Wow Jones Report


3 Responses to “J. Edgar Hoover and The Child Snatcher”

  1. Amazing! It only took J Edgar 1 week to torture, beat, starve and coerce a full confession from McCall. If you review all the documentation, including case files from Miami (not just Hoover’s) there were others involved. Maybe, just maybe McCall cracked the case first and stole the money from the kidnapper. Cash’s brother is certainly a viable subject. No matter, a 5 year old and a 21 year old who cared a great deal about him are both long dead now and J Edgar Hoover certainly made a name for himself and a promotion off his skillful strong arm of the Fed’s coercion in this case…

  2. Jo Ross, how did you find Hoover’s files? Do you have any? please email me at barryevanaronin@gmail.com if you have access or have files of the mCCall case, I am writing a seminar paper on it

  3. You have read too many crime novels. There is not one thing in the comment you wrote that is accurate. I know he was my cousin..

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