NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Tries To Sap Mayor Bloomberg’s Mojo

Saturday, June 28, 2008 —  by Wow Jones



Was watching coverage of Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference on Thursday night’s local news broadcasts.  In it, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced an agreement with the City Council on a 



59.1 BILLION dollar budget for New York City.  Mayor Bloomberg stood at a podium with select members of the City Council standing behind him.  I recognized Queens councilman Leroy Comrie. 



Funny though, standing right BESIDE Mayor Bloomberg at the podium was City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  I couldn’t help but think about Adam Lisberg’s City Hall Confidential news story in The NY Daily News on Sunday, June 22, 2008. 


In the story (“Why Quinn is copying the mayor”) Adam Lisberg details City Council Leader Christine Quinn’s efforts to revamp her image by leveraging Mayor Bloomberg’s influence and modeling his style.  All in preparation for her Mayoral run (maybe?) next year.  Lord knows she needs some help after that City Council funding scandal blew-up like an M-80 bomb on her watch.   I was surprised how easy the media was on Christine Quinn when that story broke.



-The Wow Jones Report


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