Paid-For Prom Stardom: Jasmin Donald and her Prom Date Corey Ervin

Friday, June 27th, 2008   — by Wow Jones

Came across this brief story in the June 16th, 2008 issue of JET Magazine on page 3!  It has a photo of Jasmin Donald and her date Corey Ervin arriving at the Crystal Gardens in Southgate, MI for the Belleville High School Prom.  Trick is,



the entire arrangement (rental of chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom, paparazzi photographers) was courtesy of a $6,000 gift from Jasmin Donald’s grandmother.  The Lavish Luxury Store provided the ‘star treatment’ package.

Jasmin’s response?  “It was all about me,” she said. “I felt like a star. I like the attention to be on me, especially positive attention.”

Not bad.  Stardom is a hell of a lot more fun when someone ELSE (not family or friend related) is paying for it.  But, hey if you got it, do it.  Get it out your system.  Jasmin needs to work on providing better quotes though.

-The Wow Jones Report


One Response to “Paid-For Prom Stardom: Jasmin Donald and her Prom Date Corey Ervin”

  1. Jasmin Donald Says:

    i disagree regardless of who pays its fun and how would u know has anyone paid in your favor. just as in weddings people pay so that their special day can be about them and fit whatever image they precieve as their special day and as for me it was in the same instinct regardless of who elses prom it was this is how i felt i should be treated on a day that only happens once and as far as my qoute i didnt need to say much cause my pics say it all and people like you who really bring my “qoute” to life…

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