Theatre Coach Opens Reality-TV School

Theater Coach Opens Reality-TV School  

Monday, June 23, 2008  — by Wow Jones


Angela Montefinise reported in Sunday’s June 22nd, 2008 issue of The NY Post that theater coach Robert Galinsky opened The New York Reality TV School and began offering classes/workshops in Manhattan on Saturday, June 21st, 2008.  Get a load of this…


The article doesn’t make clear what’s taught at this school, but the story suggests something that people take for granted when watching reality-tv shows.  Mainly that reality-tv isn’t “real” and that many of the contestants on these shows are actually talented performance artists to a degree.


The article notes that founder Robert Galinsky, Jorge Bendersky of the reality show “Groomer Has It”, and casting director Robert Russell are lecturers at this school.  I don’t know but they probably teach participants how to get comfortable in front of cameras, encourage students to “act natural” and “be themselves”.  Perhaps they also stress the importance of “looking the part”.


Any thoughts?  Care to comment?  Reports on what’s taught at this school?  Care to share?


–The Wow Jones Report 


4 Responses to “Theatre Coach Opens Reality-TV School”

  1. A friend of mine named Kevin went to this and thought it was awesome. He said the major theme was how to be comfortable with yourself and more confident. It also focused on the smaller aspects of being sequestered and what the ‘challenges’ were dealing with other people. Kevin went in a bit cynical thinking it might be cheesy but felt that after he left he was actually better equipped to deal with life in general. Guess it was worth the money!

  2. Wow this sounds like a great idea. does any one know how to get in contact with these people?

  3. Maida Jones Says:

    After four and a half months, the NY Reality TV School has been a
    a phenomenal success after being showcased on “The Today Show,”
    “The View,” and numerous radio talk shows from around the world.

    Robert Galinsky has given new meaning to Reality TV as the “new
    kid on the block” in the entertainment industry.

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