Longboarder/Skateboarder Don Staton Uses Longboard To Travel From Boston, Massachusetts To Providence, RI.


Monday, June 23rd, 2008   — By Wow Jones

You never know who you’ll meet when you get out and about.  While at a Providence Bus station waiting for a bus going to Boston last Friday June 20th, 2008; I met a skateboarder/longboarder named Don Staton who, on a day off from work, traveled from Boston, Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island on his longboard (I thought they were still called skateboards)!!!


Don and his longboard…

As he paced around the bus station area and talked about his experience, I felt that it’d probably be a good idea to get this down on tape.  He’s a compelling figure who was impressed by his accomplishment and hey he had quite a story.

As Don talked about the sensations he felt as he went downhill on some highway late at night in pitch-black darkness at speeds of 30 to 40 mph…I figured the world might want to hear of this.  Heck, I noticed other bus patrons listening with rapt attention.

 I asked if he’d mind being interviewed. He said he wouldn’t and hence, In the video clip below, Don Staton talks about his epic trek using a longboard.(!!!)  The interview is a bit of a mess but here it is.


Don (famished) about to get on the bus and return to Boston.

What do you think?  Any thoughts you’d like to share?


Don checking out the footage from the video interview. 


–The Wow Jones Report


2 Responses to “Longboarder/Skateboarder Don Staton Uses Longboard To Travel From Boston, Massachusetts To Providence, RI.”

  1. Just opened a longboard shop in Boston: Powder Daze. I would love to hook up Don if he is still riding. I can put him on some wheels that would grip at high speeds, give him a bit more confidence, though I don’t think he needs it. We also have great decks for travel so he would not have to work so much when foot pumping. Give him my Email if you can.

  2. Great posting, enjoyable to read. well done!

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