Rock n Roll pioneer Bo Diddley dead at 79 of heart failure

Monday,  June 02, 2008  — by Wow Jones

Was listening to Q 104.3 radio DJ  Ken Dashow at 5:00 pm where he mentioned that Bo Diddley died earlier today.  According to Ken Dashow,

Rolling Stones musician Charlie Watts revealed that Bo Diddley was a HUGE influence on their sound.   Apparently, he said that it was “avant-garde for a white band to play a Bo Diddley beat.”  

In tribute to Bo Diddley (and to celebrate Charlie Watts birthday which is today), during its “Live At Five” segment, the station played a LIVE Rolling Stones version of the song, “Not Fade Away”.  Which features a “Bo Diddley beat”.

Why not play a LIVE Bo Diddley performance, guys?   Sheesh!  By the way, Talent Consultants International (Bo Diddley’s management company) released this statement,

“One of the founding fathers of rock n roll has left the building he helped construct.”


R. I. P.   Bo Diddley   

–The Wow Jones Report


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