Kimbo Slice — We find out tonight if he can fight.

Friday, May 30, 2008  — by Wow Jones

I hadn’t even heard of fighter Kimbo Slice until I saw him on The Jimmy Kimmel Show earlier this year (2008).   Then this week I see him on the cover of ESPN Magazine and in a number of articles promoting his fight on CBS on Saturday night against James (Colossus) Thompson.


Well, this guy is now gonna blast off.  Can he fight?  We shall see Saturday night on CBS.  Looking like a buff Black Hebrew Isrealite, Kimbo Slice doesn’t have ‘conventional’ looks an there are plenty of MMA fighters moaning and groaning questioning whether Kimbo Slice can fight. 

Those folks better do some homework because Kimbo is a draw and he’s doing something right.  He stands out and expertly used the internet to garner attention and buzz for himself.  Guess backyard brawls will do that for ya.  

The exposure CBS is providing will be a boon to the sport and is something the sweet science (Boxing) WISHES it had.

–The Wow Jones Report


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