NYPD Police Union Boss Patrick Lynch Leads Protest

Thursday, May 29, 2008  — by Wow Jones

Today’s NYC papers are reporting that the Bronx guys who attacked a drunk, off-duty cop in a White Castle restaurant were sentenced to up to 10 years in jail yesterday.  To send a message, DOZENS of police filled the courtroom

to honor slain Police Officer Eric Hernandez.  Never mind the fact that Officer Hernandez was drunk and was killed by friendly fire (by the way, what’s so friendly about ammunition that KILLS you?) — it was officers on the force that KILLED him.

In any event, never one to miss making a soundbite, NYPD Union Head Patrick Lynch said that the guys sentenced, “were cowards that night and will be cowards behind bars.  They are not men, they are mutts.”


The guys sentenced were Edwin Rivera 27 (ten years), Nelson Rodriguez 28 (six years), Alexander Fontanez 25 (five years) and Jonathan Ayala 21 (five years).

–The Wow Jones Report



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