Ishle Yi Park — So, How DO You Become Queens Poet Laureate?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008  — by Wow Jones

In Sunday’s May 11, 2008  NY Daily News, I came across a profile of Former Queens Poet Laureate, Ishle Yi Park.  The profile was written by Piper Weiss and in it, they asked Miss Park a number of questions on her life and her work–in this instance, her art–spoken word poetry.

When asked how’d she become Queens Poet Laureate she advised,

“send in an application with poetry samples and your resume of community work.  It wasn’t based on outside appearance or other factors.  When I got that position, I was happy to find out one of the judges thought I was a man.”

When asked what does a poet laureate do?  Miss Park replied…

“I gave workshops throughout Queens and performed in libraries and community centers.  I spoke to kids in schools and organized readings by poets from all different countries.”

Sounds like a lot.  In any event, in some instances applying is better than not applying and thinking you won’t win a given position.

–The Wow Jones Report


One Response to “Ishle Yi Park — So, How DO You Become Queens Poet Laureate?”

  1. Ishle Yi Park performed at my university today. She gave an amazing performance and her poetry was just … great.


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