Al Sharpton on Abortion–Sean Bell (Super Quote)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 — By Wow Jones

On Friday April 25, 2008 a judge acquitted the three police officers on all charges regarding the shooting (and killing of) Sean Bell.  In the aftermath, many folks looking to get their shine held press conferences and rallies to get their points of view out in the air.

In a rally at his National Action Network office in the aftermath, Rev Al Sharpton offered up a zinger of a quote.

“What we saw in court today, (pause) was not a misscarriage of justice.  Justice didn’t miscarry.  This was an abortion of justice.” — Rev Al. Sharpton


–The Wow Jones Report


One Response to “Al Sharpton on Abortion–Sean Bell (Super Quote)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    This was a powerful quote and its true too.

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