Jackson, MS Mayor Frank Melton

Tuesday, April 22, 2008  — by Wow Jones



There are some guys who eat thunder and crap lightning.  Current Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Frank Melton sure sounds like one of those guys.  I just read a fascinating profile/story on him in the latest issue of OZONE Magazine.

The story “Baptized In Dirty Water:The Real Hip Hop Mayor? by Maurice G. Garland (Mar 2008 issue of OZONE Magazine with Webbie on the cover) is a unforgettable account of a man I’d never heard of.   It concerns a man who:

  • locks rappers up
  • shut down Hip-Hop nightclubs
  • is a chairman of the BMI Performing Rights Committee
  • was CEO and principal owner of Jackson’s  famed WLBT-TV3.  He bought the TV station for $23 million in 1984 and sold it in 2002 for over $200 million.
  • prior to buying it,  WLBT-TV allegedly supported segregation, refused to cover Civil Rights Demonstrations in the 1960s, sold airtime to the KKK, had little to no programming including African-Americans even though they made up a sizable portion of the viewing population, and had it’s license revoked by the FCC in 1969.
  • Frank Melton purchased billboards and plastered the faces of known drug dealers and a had a hotline to call if you saw them doing anything shady.
  • hosted the TV show THE BOTTOM LINE — where he’d call out slacking city officials and neighborhood drug dealers by name
  • was appointed Head of The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics by former Governor Ronnie Musgrove
  • was a certified deputy in Angelina County, TX in the 1970s.
  • openly carried weapons, and carries a weapon on him at ALL times.
  • was put on probation for carrying gun to the campus of Mississippi College School Of Law in 2006.
  • walks around the city dressed in camouflage
  • frequently sets up random roadblocks to conduct drug searches
  • tore down drug houses with sledgehammers
  • pulled over school buses on the freeway and got the children to hug him cause he “needed some”
  • has an ongoing dispute with ex-con/rapper Albert “Batman” Donelson
  • posted up on Batman’s mother with a shotgun in reponse to death threats
  • frequent visitor to nightclub UPPER LEVEL — which according to the article was bought by Starsky Red

I’ll write more later.  But you HAVE to read this article.



–The Wow Jones Report




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