Rapper Beanie Sigel Pens Love Letter To Actress Angela Bassett

Thursday, April 10, 2008  — by Wow Jones

Sex symbol rapper, Beanie Sigel

Came across this in the Mar/Apr 2008 Issue of King Magazine.

I don’t know whether the editor at the magazine or Beanie Sigel’s or Angela Bassett’s publicist came up with this but it sure is one way to build value in an image.  That is, having a celebrity of some acclaim write a love letter to another celebrity and having it posted in such a public way.

Below is a love letter that rapper Beanie Sigel wrote addressed to Actress Angela Bassett and had published in King magazine.   Currently starring in Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns, the timing of this posting couldn’t help but help push the movie.

Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel shows Angela Bassett some Thug Passion.

By the time this reaches you, I pray it finds you in the best of health–physically, spiritually and mentally.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen your beautiful face, and although we haven’t met, I feel as though I’ve known you forever.  So allow me to apologize if I’ve affected you by addressing you so personally in the opening of my letter.   That merely wasn’t my intent.

I’d like to thank you for being by my side in times of hardship.  Some unfortunate events that occured in my life forces me to reside in a residential facility a few years back.  You see, while inside the barbed-wire stockade, I found relief in your beautiful face and bright smile, which gave space and lit up the dim gray walls it was posted on in the small cell I was confined in.

I’d often find myself staring at your picture and letting my imagination run free, falling asleep escaping the concrete walls that barricade me.  I’d dream that I took you on the perfect date, out of this world.  We’d take a magic carpet ride through the sky, then go roller-skating around the rings of Saturn.  We’d sit on on the edge of a crescent moon and pitch stars into the Milky Way.  There I would propose to you and offer the sun as an engagement ring.  We would make love on a bed of clouds, fall fast asleep, then slowly drift back to Earth.

In closing, it’d be real special to have the chance to meet you.  I know love wouldn’t have anything to do with it, and I’m sure that your groove is intact.  🙂   It’d be a dream come true.

Until I close my eyes and we meet again, stay as beautiful as you are.

Soft words from a hardened heart,

Beanie Sigel

P.S.  To Whom It May Concern:  If this letter does not meet its intended destination, please send it to heaven, because it was meant for an angel.

— The Wow Jones Report



One Response to “Rapper Beanie Sigel Pens Love Letter To Actress Angela Bassett”

  1. This is a really sweet letter to a seriously fierce woman. Hats off to Beanie for showing Angela some love. Great post Wow Jones!

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