Super Quote — (re: Jayson Williams on John Calipari)

Mon, April 7, 2008  by Wow Jones


Funny quote what former NJ Net Basketball Player Jayson Williams had to say about his former coach, John Calipari.  When talking about John Calipari’s reputation for not being as innocent as he looks, he says,


“When Cal goes to church and dips his hand in the holy water, watch out, because it starts to bubble.”  — Jayson Williams on John Calipari


Visual, vivid quote.

–The Wow Jones Report


One Response to “Super Quote — (re: Jayson Williams on John Calipari)”

  1. It is amazing to me that people attack Coach John Calipari. He has won not only hundreds of college basketball games, but has rebuilt a moribund college program into a national power in only a few years. He has gone a total of 33-4, 33-4, and 38-2 in the last 3 seasons. He has opened a trade and train agreement with the largest country in the world, China. He is the ONLY coach, and Memphis is the only University in the U.S.A. with a working relationship with both major universities and the government. If Coach is such a “bad” coach, please Lord, let my 55 year allegiance to the Tigers continue the same as it has the last 8 years.

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