Walt Clyde Frazier — Deft Phrasing

Friday, April 4, 2008 — by Wow JonesHeard on the SUN 3/30/08 Knicks versus the Atlanta Hawks TV broadcast by

Color commentator Walt Clyde Frazier and Play-by-Play announcer Bob Wischusen (in for Mike Breen).

These are the phrases uttered by Clyde Frazier.

Coasting and toasting

Pizzazz, melancholy,

Propel him into stardom,

Matador D (defense) by David Lee

Swoop to the hoop,

rectify, thrive, pass was awry,

Jamal Crawford propelling the Knicks with his offensive prowess (3rd quarter),

A belated call,

Isiah always unflappable – – doesn’t raise an eyebrow (after a bad play or bad call)

Jamal and Lee becoming quite a tandem,

Knicks were a step short in coming back to Bibby, now the Hawks fans are becoming restless with their Hawks as the boos cascade down from the rafters.

Good aggression by Crawford. _______ is manhandling the Knicks now, seen some dubious calls, we’ve seen this from Crawford before–this type of offensive eruption,

Shakin and bakin,

Balkman with reckless abandon on offense or defense, splendid passes.

Picked apart, swarming about on defense without a purpose, uncanny ability to _______,

Resounding rebounding, the Hawks right there could not corral the ball,

you need an exquisite touch, you can’t unravel, too demonstrative,
one of Josh Smith’s forte’s – huffin and stuffin’,
you can see him exuding more and more confidence,

ball hangin and bangin in, they’re compelled to foul now.

–The Wow Jones Report


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