Rev Johnny Ray Youngblood “A Dialogue With Death” — Super Quote(s)

Friday, April 4, 2008 — by Wow Jones


Rev Johnny Ray Youngblood
“A Dialogue With Death” –Sermon delivered on Easter SUN 3/23/08.
In a service where he declared that Preacher Jeremiah Wright “is my friend”, Rev Johnny Ray Youngblood of The St. Paul Community Baptist Church delivered a dramatic Easter Sunday sermon entitled, “A Dialogue with Death”

When talking about Jesus’ resurrection, he explains

“when the S – U – N rose that morning, the S – O – N had already risen.”

“Now, my brothers and sisters, I Johnny Youngblood, I am a spiritual snoop, and whenever I read the scriptures, I’m always looking for a spiritual scoop.”

“the spirit is gonna let us for a little while, dialogue with him who is known as the landlord of the household of the lifeless.”

Now those are some zingers! For those interested in the manuscript of “A Dialogue with Death”, contact the church.

–The Wow Jones Report

15 Responses to “Rev Johnny Ray Youngblood “A Dialogue With Death” — Super Quote(s)”

  1. Edwina Warner Says:

    Would like to receive the manuscript of the sermon “A Dialogue with Death”.

  2. Bro Steve Williams Says:

    I am very familiar with rev youngblood, I encountered him as a 22 year old new christian, My experience with him,ca tatupulted me into a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Due to his arrogance and his self ritcheous manner. I personally feel he is nothing more than a man made preacher. who is at best a charleton who has been exposed over and over again. His prominance as a leader in Brooklyn NY. Where I live is highly overrated. I pray for the tens of thousands of men and women that he has led astray ,and pray they find peace through a Genuine relationship with the spirt and through the power of JESUS CHRIST

  3. Bro Steve Williams Says:


    • 2thebeat Says:

      we must be careful how we judge and come to our conclusions.
      we can be bias when someone do things differently than us.
      Jesus said if they are not against us they are for us. Like an army
      ministries use various weapons to accomplish their mission.
      Its time to fast,pray and turn from our evil ways and God will heal
      the land. Pray for our pastors and leaders they are men and women
      and under attack just like you.

  4. Rev. Youngblood is a wonderful man!

    Bro Steve Williams you say,

    “His prominance as a leader …is highly overrated”

    Perhaps if you continued to listen to his message and didn’t allow the devil to deafen your ears… you would not have been distracted by the Rev.’s “self ritcheous manner”.


  5. Devoted Brooklynite Says:

    Why is it when a preacher in Brooklyn is constructively criticized, there is always a sect of followers that rush to their defense.
    These men are human and are subject to flaws.
    To be quite honest I have seen Rev Youngblood, and sometimes his language can be quite offensive.
    How can the use of profanity be justified?
    How can a preacher justify his flaws using scripture?
    It is quite manipulative for a preacher to use his position to promote the word of God using profanity just as it is sacriligous and wrong.
    Bro Steve Williams should not be attacked because he respectfully expressed his experience.

  6. Thelma Davis Says:

    I am interested in purchasing the video of this sermon Dialogue With Death.

  7. W.D.Scott Says:

    I would love to receive a copy. His style is special and anointed, and I’m sure, like the rest of us he has flaws, and even issues. However, you cannot serve God and waste valuable time to nit-pick those whom God has chosen to use. Lest, all of your own mirrors are broken. When criticism is constructive….it usually builds or repairs something. When it is destructive…then there is no guessing that the intent is to destroy. I pray for that young man…wanna be preacher, whe feels that someone else’s approach is wrong..though entited to his opinion…he sought not to constructively critize, but to demean. One thing I’ve learned in life: You might have a Reason: But you don’t have the Right…..

  8. Rev. Youngblood is a ‘man’s’ preacher. I believe he appeals to all but especially to men who too often shun church because the message is not strong enough to reach them. Rev. Youngblood is one preacher who can and does reach them with the clear and true ‘Word”.

  9. Jenvon Tibbs Says:

    There may be people who have had a different experience with this person, different than what you might have had. Therefore, nobody should condemn another for voicing his/her opinion. I have learned that there are many people who have a “public” face, and then a different “private” face. Perhaps there are some who have let others see both faces. As a mental health therapist, I have heard plenty of stories about highly visible folks who have said and done things with others that perhaps the public will never learn about. I’m not saying this is the case with this individual; however, sooner or later, what is done in the dark, will come to the light— and that applies to everyone. So….everyone should have the right to voice their opinion/perspective. . Thank you.

  10. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Youngblood on serveral occasions myself, and words can not express the spiritual move that I had from him speaking. Dr. Youngblood is diff. a man of God no questions about it! Moreover, he took me under him and became a mentor to me and helps instill in me good character, education, and chrit-like principles. So in short thank you Dr. YoungBlood for being to me what God has ordained you to be.
    P.S. I must take a stand just as Dr. YoungBlood did in his sermon “A dialogue with Death” and say ” Dr. Johnny YougBlood is my friend”!

  11. thelma davis Says:

    I have been looking all over online where I can purchase this sermon. Please someone tell me where I can go online to purchase the sermon. A dialogue with death.
    Sis Thelma Davis

    • Sis Thelma Davis,

      I think you would need to get in touch with the church to purchase the sermon. I am not sure if they are selling it, but they are the best ones to talk to.

      -Wow Jones

  12. Iinbrooklyn Says:

    The Church is St. Paul Commuity Baptist Church
    He is Pastor Emeritus there. Call 718-257-1300 and press 0. Ask for the tape ministry. Call Wednesday and Sundays

  13. Jackie Maynard Says:

    Reverend Youngblood is the real deal. So he uses a little profanity here and there. If that’s the worse you can say about him then God bless him.
    Even Jesus got mad as hell every now and then-does that mean He was not the Son of God. I think not…

    Reverend Youngblood has made a huge difference in how Black men see themselves. He has uplifted East NY. He may not be perfect but then again who is?

    If you ask me, we need more like him around.

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