SUPER QUOTE (Re: Kris Jenkis, now of The NY Jets)

Saturday, March 1st, 2008 by Wow Jones

Read an article in today’s NY Daily News that features a quote that serves as another example of how you talk when being interviewed by media.

It’s now Free-Agent Seaon in the NFL and Carolina Panther defensive tackle Kris Jenkins was just traded to the NY Jets. The article points out how Jenkins comes from a defensive system (the conventional 4-3 setup) that is unlike the Jets’ 3-4 defense and wonders how he’ll adjust.

His response? During a conference call Kris Jenkins said,

“It will be somewhat of an adjustment. I’m human. I can’t put on a red cape and fly away, but it’s something I can excel at. I’m excited about the challenge. I get to be the big stud in the middle and make it easier for the linebackers.” — New NY JET Defensive Tackle Kris Jenkins on adjusting to the 3-4 defense that NY JETS employ.

— The Wow Jones Report


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