How To Become An Internet Sensation — Alexyss Tylor “Lollipop Lovin! Why Give Head?”

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 by Wow Jones

Sure, Alexyss K Tylor (The Black Dr. Ruth?) has her detractors, but love her or hate her, the woman knows how to communicate her ideas. In this clip, pay particular attention to HOW she gets her points across on sex and relations between the sexes. This clip focuses on oral sex.

For example, in this clip, she talks about women who “Don’t want to do the Down and Dirty…”. Hell, listen to how she introduces herself, “Welcome to the VaGIIIIINA Power Show.”

Later in this clip, she describes the penis as “a beautiful piece of architecture…It was designed, to be loved, smelled, TASTEted, TOUCHed, just truly honored and admired.”

Again, listen to how she talks. He emphaszing certain syllables and her intonations. I am capitalizing certain parts of her words to illustrate this.

Check out her use of dramatic pauses here,

“When you…touch a penus and when you…LICK a penus when you…STROKE a penus you DO it first with your mind.” (I am intentionally mis-spelling penis to get a closer approximation as to how Miss Tylor pronounces the word–with her husky southern twang)

Here’s some more of what Miss Tylor says…

“The very thought of…touchingandlickingandsuckingapenus should MOVE through every pore of your body. That energy should move through you to the point that your aura EXUDES it and everybody in the room can feel it. Every man can feel it.”

“HELL, even sometimes when women are good at what they do in bed. We don’t know all a y’all but we can FEEL you when you walk into a room around our man. Cause you can see women start clutching they man when certain women come in a room. The way they…(illustrates with mouth/lips) lick they lips and…(illustrates with mouth/lips) part their mouth and…(illustrates again) have they tongue go across their teeth.” — Alexyss K. Tylor

On lollipops, she says (while unwrapping the wrapper off the lollipop and beginning to lick it),”I like ’em cause they nice and juicy and red and they’re soft and gooey in the center…”

Now that’s how you use adjectives! I hope you can see how this woman is a fantastic communicator. I’ll try and point out how Alexyss K Tylor pulls this off in her other clips.

— The Wow Jones Report


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