David E. Talbert — Hollywood Swingin’

This post with David E. Talbert photos of the man, his movies, his work, etc.

David E. Talbert: Man On A Mission

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 — by Wow Jones



David E. Talbert. Playwright, Director, Filmmaker, Producer, Businessman, Entrepeneur, Author. Man, it sure must be tough live in Tyler Perry’s world. Especially when you were making successful urban “soul theater” plays when Tyler Perry was still living in his Geo Metro convertible.

Known for knumbskullish insinuation about fellow playwright August Wilson’s significance to black audiences in The New York Times and his popular plays:

Tellin It Like It ‘Tiz!

What Goes Around Comes Around (“Love’s Rollercoaster”)

A Fool And His Money

Love Makes Things Happen

Talk Show Live

Lawd Ha’ Mercy

Mr. Right Now

His Woman, His Wife

The Fabric Of A Man

He Say, She Say, But What Do God Say?

Love On Lay-A-Way

Love In The Nick Of Time

–David E. Talbert has been trying to make a transition to The Dream Factory–Hollywood.  Well, he has…



After finally seeing his movie FIRST SUNDAY and liking it very much–despite its crappy look, I was curious as to what his next move would be. Imagine my surprise when I read that Fox Searchlight had recently signed a deal that would enable Talbert to direct a movie based on his VERY OWN BOOK! Folks, this does NOT happen every day. The only author I can think of who’s directed his own book is Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton; who directed the adaptation of his novel, The Great Train Robbery.



Baggage Claim follows the journey of thirty-something flight attendant Montana Moore, who when she learns of her younger sister’s upcoming nupitals, embarks on a 30-day, cross-country search for a fiance.

Intrigued, I bought a copy of the book and was very surprised. It’s a funny, warm, witty and entertaining look at life and love. While the ending is a bit too pat and predictable for my tastes, I look forward to seeing Talbert’s adaptation of this material. In any event, this book is a classic example of the saying, “it ain’t so much the destination, but the journey.”

Remember, anything can happen in Hollywood, so I won’t celebrate until I see it in movie theaters, but this bit of news sure is promising…

— The Wow Jones Report


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